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How to Keep Warm – Wildwood Survival

How to Keep Warm – Wildwood Survival.

How to Keep Warm

by Walter Muma

Here are some tips on keeping warm.
While sleeping (trying to sleep):

  • Put a warm hat on – your head loses a lot of heat.
  • Use your coat as another warm layer on top of your sleeping bag.
  • Are your socks dry? If damp, they might be chilling your feet. Put on clean and dry socks.
  • Add layers – put on clothing – clean and dry clothes are best.
  • Drink something hot or warm.
  • Wake up.
  • Eat something – just a snack.
  • Go for a pee – your body is using energy to keep that extra liquid warm.
  • Get up and build a fire to get warm. Then go back to bed.
  • Tense and relax muscles for a while – the passive equivalent of getting some exercise.
  • Use a hi-tech solution – instant hand and feet warmers – those little packets that you squeeze and get warm.
  • Make sure you are well enough insulated underneath.
  • If you are in a primitive shelter, ensure no breeze is getting in, and that you are not exposed to the sky.
  • Cozy up with a partner. If you are getting seriously cold, this is the most effective way to get warm, and it is no time to be shy or reluctant.
To get or keep warm while out and about:

  • Stay out of the wind. Seek out a sheltered spot.
  • Wear a warm hat
  • Build a fire – remember that in the winter, in most places, you can always stop and make a fire (provided you have the means to do so!).
  • Drink something hot.
  • Go for a pee – your body is heating that extra water for no reason.
  • Be comfortable – being uncomfortable can make you colder by being mentally stressed.
  • Be mentally prepared to be a little bit cooler than your ideal of being “nice and warm”.
  • Stay active, but don’t sweat.
  • Use a hi-tech solution – instant hand and feet warmers – those little packets that you squeeze and they get warm.
  • Eat something, more like a snack.
  • Put on more clothing.
  • If your feet are damp, put on clean dry socks, and wear dry boots.
  • Eat fatty foods.
  • If the sun is out, tilt your face towards the sun – you can absorb a lot of heat this way.
  • Sit close beside another person.
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