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Pro-Privacy Protesters Adopted the Highway to the NSA’s Data Center | Motherboard

Pro-Privacy Protesters Adopted the Highway to the NSA’s Data Center | Motherboard. (FULL ARTICLE)

This is what democracy looks like. The privacy activist group Restore the Fourth, which has been protesting the US government’s Orwellian surveillance, has had no luck taking their complaints to the heart of the snooping operation: the NSA’s massive new data center in Utah. Until now.

The group’s come up with a brilliant workaround to get access to the closely guarded spy center: The activists just “adopted” a two-mile stretch of Route 68 that runs right by the data center’s front door.

A representative of Restore The Fourth’s Utah branch, Lorina Potter, signed an agreement with the Utah Department of Transportation on Tuesday, the Salt Lake Tribune reported. Once the paperwork is all settled, the group will essentially own that stretch for the foreseeable future, under the state-sponsored “Adopt a Highway” program.

As part of the deal, the state Department of Transportation will install “Restore the Fourth” signs on both sides of the adopted stretch of road—an ever-present protest sign right outside the data center and pretty brilliant way to get visibility for the group’s message….


Indoctrination Revealed In Utah School Curriculum

Indoctrination Revealed In Utah School Curriculum.


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