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Enough is Enough: video

Enough is Enough: video.


The global economy is growing beyond the capacity of the biosphere.  In recent times, environmental scientists have demonstrated convulsive creativity as they deliver this message with increasingly alarming language (too bad economists and politicians are willfully ignoring the alarms to pursue short-term gains). What we need right now is a new economic blueprint that can meet people’s needs without undermining the life-support systems of the planet.

That’s why Rob Dietz and Dan O’Neill wrote the book Enough Is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources.  And that’s why Tom Bliss has produced and directed a video based on the book.  In eighteen minutes, the video reviews the main principles of a sustainable economy and describes how to begin the transition.
Please share the link – let’s get people talking about real solutions to our most profound environmental and social problems.
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