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CBC News – Canada’s Electric Power Generating Stations

CBC News – Canada’s Electric Power Generating Stations. (FULL ARTICLE)

This map shows the types of power plants each region uses and how Canada’s power supply is expected to evolve between 2011 and 2020, based on changes the provinces plan to make to their generating capacity.

The map’s default display shows the power plants across Canada that generated 50 megawatts or more in 2010. Use the tabs along the bottom edge of the map to turn the display of specific types of plants on or off. Use the “satellite” view in the top right corner and the plus-minus zoom bar on the left side of the map to zoom in on an aerial view of a plant.

Clicking on a plant’s icon provides a description of the plant and links to related features about power generation technology, issues and provincial strategies.

Use the Year slider below the tabs to see how the mix of generating stations is expected to change from year to year between 2010 and 2020 as old plants are taken off-line and new ones are built. Use the Capacity slider to adjust the view to show the power stations with a specific generating capacity….


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