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Rogue page Brigette DePape still protesting Harper – Politics – CBC News

Rogue page Brigette DePape still protesting Harper – Politics – CBC News. (FULL ARTICLE)

The most memorable moment in the last throne speech came when a young woman walked into the centre of the plush red Senate chamber filled with dignitaries and elected officials and held up a handmade sign that read “Stop Harper.”

Brigette DePape, who had worked as a page in the Senate for a year, was then quickly hauled away by the House of Commons’ sergeant-at-arms.

“I remember I was terrified,” she said, recalling that moment on June 3, 2011, in an interview with CBC News from Vancouver last week.

‘We had gone to see a lawyer before and they said [the] worst-case scenario would be 30 years in jail for frightening the Queen.’— Former page Brigette DePape

“[Prime Minister Stephen] Harper is sitting right to my left and then there’s the Governor General, and then there are all the politicians, and I am so afraid. I am afraid about losing my job, I am afraid about what my parents are going to say back home in Winnipeg, and I am afraid about getting arrested.”


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