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TEPCO Hid Record Fukushima Radiation Levels Before Olympics Bid | Zero Hedge

TEPCO Hid Record Fukushima Radiation Levels Before Olympics Bid | Zero Hedge.

Days before Tokyo won its bid to host the 2020 Olympics last September, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe stated that Fukushima contaminated water was “under control.” Now, as Reuters reports,  the nation’s nuclear watchdog has uncovered that, following  “uncertainty about the reliability and accuracy of the September strontium reading,” which prompted a re-examination of samples, levels of Strontium-90 were five times the levels previously recorded. The Japanese NRA blasted TEPCO, “We did not hear about this figure when they detected it last September. We have been repeatedly pushing TEPCO to release strontium data since November. It should not take them this long to release this information.” One can only wonder why – when the promise of $500 million of government support is on the line… and new cracks are appearing.


Via RT,

Japan’s Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) is again in the midst of controversy for failing to timely report on record radiation levels at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. It is now blasted for holding back strontium measurements since September.


TEPCO on Wednesday revealed that it detected 5 million becquerels per liter of radioactive Strontium-90 in a groundwater sample taken some 25 meters from the ocean as early as last September, Reuters reports. The legal limit for releasing strontium into the ocean is just 30 becquerels per liter.


Although the reading was alarmingly five times the levels taken at the same spot two months prior to that, TEPCO decided not to immediately report it to the country’s nuclear watchdog. That is despite Strontium-90 being considered twice as harmful to people as Cesium-137, which was also released in large quantities during the meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in March 2011 caused by powerful earthquake and tsunami.


According to a TEPCO spokesman cited by Reuters, the decision was due to “uncertainty about the reliability and accuracy of the September strontium reading,” which prompted the plant’s operator to reexamine the data.


However, Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) officials say no data came up until now despite repeated demands to TEPCO.


“We did not hear about this figure when they detected it last September. We have been repeatedly pushing TEPCO to release strontium data since November. It should not take them this long to release this information,” Shinji Kinjo, head of the NRA taskforce on contaminated water issues at Fukushima, told the agency.


Top NRA officials, including the watchdog’s chairman, have lashed out at TEPCO for “lacking a fundamental understanding of measuring and handling radiation” while responding to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.


This is not an appropriate way to deal with the desire of the public [for transparency] and in particular, the regulator, which is now very closely regulating issues related to public health, the environment and so on,” Martin Schulz, a senior research fellow at the Fujitsu Research Institute, has said.


On Thursday, fears of new leaks surfaced in Japanese media, as Asahi Shimbun reported two cracks in a concrete floor of the stricken Fukushima No. 1 facility near radioactive water storage tanks. Some contaminated water from the melting snow may have seeped into the ground through the cracks stretching for 12 and 8 meters, TEPCO said.


Earlier last year, TEPCO came under criticism for letting radioactive water leak from a tank at Fukushima and also concealing the fact for some time.

Days before Tokyo won its bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games last September, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe claimed that contaminated water at Fukushima was “under control”and vowed to provide some $500 million to help contain it.

5-minute video: US ‘leaders’ JOKE about OBVIOUS War Crimes, war lies, war murders: Arrest them Washington’s Blog

5-minute video: US ‘leaders’ JOKE about OBVIOUS War Crimes, war lies, war murders: Arrest them Washington’s Blog.

5-minute video courtesy Realist Report 

In this 5-minute video, Presidents Bush and Obama, Secretary of State and presidential-hopeful Ms. Clinton, presidential-hopeful has-been John McCain, and former Secretary of State and Bush family friend James Baker all joke about:

These psychopaths mock our veterans by allowing their growing homelessness and suicides, despite obvious solutions available for everyone’s full-employment and health care.

These criminals continue a long history of lie-began US Wars of Aggression since the US invaded Mexico; despite Abraham Lincoln’s powerfully accurate rhetoric of President Polk’s lies to steal half of Mexico at the expense of US military and Mexican civilian lives. The most decorated US Marine general in his day also warned all Americans of this fact of lie-started wars for US oligarch plunder.

What can we do as American free citizens, with a tremendous heritage to speak against our own government when they violate basic lawful behavior?

Easy: arrest them for the OBVIOUS War Crimes.

Then arrest their bankster friends for crimes equally OBVIOUS for massive fraud and looting.

And then arrest their lying corporate media pals who “cover” these lies and crimes from us.

Speak now, or forever hold back from peace, justice, and truth.



The headline from the MSM this morning was that consumer spending was really strong in December after a fantastic November.

Consumer spending rose a seasonally adjusted 0.4% last month, the Commerce Department said. Economists polled by MarketWatch had forecast a 0.2% gain. The advance in December follows an upwardly revised 0.6% increase in November. The pace of spending in the last two months of the year marked the strongest back-to-back gain since the first two months of 2012.

The lead into this story makes it sound like the consumer is healthy and doing fantastic. You have to go over to Zero Hedge to find a chart that says it all.


Does this chart show a healthy consumer? It shows me we’ve entered a world of pain. Buried in the propaganda spewed by the corporate legacy media is the FACT that real disposable income FELL in December. The consumer had to delve into their dwindling savings to create that STRONG spending in December and November. The savings rate was 5.1% in September and plummeted to 3.9% by December. Last December the savings rate was 8.7%.

Do the oligarchs realize their propaganda doesn’t pass the smell test? They desperately want the ignorant masses to believe consumer spending was strong in November and December. We know for a fact that retail sales absolutely sucked in November and December from the Commerce Dept report from two weeks ago. Sales declined at auto dealerships, furniture retailers, electronics stores, and home stores. We know for a fact that virtually every large retailer in the country has reported dreadful sales and profit results for their Christmas season. Wal-Mart issued a profit warning today. Target issued one two weeks ago. Macys, Sears, and JC Penney are closing stores.

A critical thinking individual might wonder how consumer spending could be really strong if every major retailer is reporting horrific results. Luckily for the oligarchs, critical thinking is a skill not used too much in this country. Edward Bernays’ students of propaganda in the government and MSM know this and utilize our ignorance to the max.

The MSM story mentioned that the increase is being driven by spending on services. Now we are getting to the truth. The average American is ramping up their consumption in Obamacare premiums, utility bills, tolls, sewer fees, and the myriad of other government driven costs. The average American is dipping into their savings to pay for the massive Obamacare premium increases. I guess that doesn’t make a good headline on Marketwatch.com.

Going to the actual data reveals a few more interesting tidbits about the strong consumer:

  • Total personal income, before inflation, in December was 1% below last year.
  • Total wages, before inflation, were up by a whole .6%.
  • No need to worry. Government entitlement transfers soared by $53 billion over the last year.
  • Bernanke did his part by making sure senior citizens and savers didn’t earn one nickle more than last year in interest.
  • You’ll be happy to know that even though wages barely budged, the government syphoned  off an additional $100 Billion of your money in taxes versus last December.
  • Disposable income was 2% lower than last December, before inflation.
  • Americans spent $400 billion more this December than last December by drawing down savings and borrowing. They didn’t spend this at retailers. They borrowed for 7 years to essentially rent new cars, paid more for food, energy, rent, tuition, and Obamacare premiums.

Does this present a picture of a strong consumer? My favorite piece of data from the government website is at the very bottom. It is Real per capita disposable income. It takes into consideration inflation and the fact that the US population grows by 2.2 million people per year. This info paints the real picture of the American consumer.

The real disposable personal income per person in this country was $36,877 in December. It was $38,170 last December. That is a 3.4% decline. And remember, that is using the hugely understated CPI. Now for the really good stuff. The real disposable personal income per person was $37,584 in May of 2008. We are now almost six years later and disposable income per person in this country is still lower than it was in 2008.

Obama proclaimed all the great things he had accomplished in his five years in office. If unemployment has plummeted and the economy is booming at 4%, how can this be so? It can’t. You’ve been fed a fake storyline. It’s like the American Dream. You have to be asleep to believe it.

And anyone peddling the storyline that 2014 will be better is a knave or a fool – or works for CNBC. Over 1.2 million people just got booted off  the long-term unemployment rolls. The SNAP program will be doling out $5 billion less of your tax dollars in 2014. The stock market appears to be a tad shakey. Obamacare premium increases will be pounding those employed. Small businesses will not be hiring. Retailers are firing thousands of employees. Energy prices will set new records. Droughts in the West will result in higher food prices. Home prices will fall as home sales stagnate.

Sounds like a recipe for a great 2014. The storyline has been played out. The people don’t believe anything the oligarchs say. We have been lost in a blizzard of lies, but we can see the truth off in the distance if we look hard enough.

Video: New radioactive water leak discovered at Fukushima plant – Telegraph

Video: New radioactive water leak discovered at Fukushima plant – Telegraph.

Video filmed by a remote control robot at the Fukushima plant shows highly radioactive water, which is believed to have leaked from one of the damaged reactors

11:00AM GMT 21 Jan 2014

The video was released by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) as they continue their efforts to make safe the nuclear plant wrecked byJapan’s 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Highly radioactive water was detected inside the No. 3 reactor building at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant, Tepco said.

It is believed that the water may have leaked from within the reactor.

The water was found to have high levels of radioactive cesium and cobalt, but Tepco claimed none of the water has leaked out of the building itself.

A report in December suggested it would take five years to put an end to radioactive water leaks in and around the plant.

Canada Job Grant ads cost $2.5M for non-existent program – Politics – CBC News

Canada Job Grant ads cost $2.5M for non-existent program – Politics – CBC News.

Jobs plan or ad campaign?

Jobs plan or ad campaign? 4:13

Canada Job Grant ad

Canada Job Grant ad 0:34

The federal government blanketed the internet with ads and bought pricey TV spots during playoff hockey as part a $2.5-million publicity blitz to promote a skills training program that doesn’t yet exist, CBC News has learned.


TV commercials for the Canada Job Grant often ran twice per game last May during the widely watched Hockey Night in Canada NHL playoff broadcasts on CBC. There were ads on radio, as well.


“The Canada Job Grant will result in one important thing – a new or better job,” said the reassuring voice-over in the TV ads.


The problem: The program was never launched and is still on hold. The job grants were announced in the 2013 federal budget, but it called for an agreement with the provinces, which have so far refused to buy in.


Employment and Social Development Canada spent between $2.5 million and $2.6 million on the ad campaign. That figure excludes radio ads funded by the Finance Department.

“Spending millions of dollars to advertise a program that doesn’t even exist is like flushing tax dollars down the toilet,” Liberal finance critic Scott Brison said.


$11-million publicity push


CBC News has also learned that that advertising cash came from an $11-million fund set aside last year for Employment and Social Development Canada to promote the government as a job creator.

Before the Canada Job Grant TV ad went to air, the government paidEnvironics Research Group almost $70,000 to conduct market research. Focus groups saw a near-final version of the commercial.


Environics concluded: “The main message was consistently seen as positive and one that inspired hope…. In light of seeing the new ad for the Canada Job Grant, most now believe the Government of Canada is on the right track regarding skills training and the job market in Canada.”

“Their own research suggests that people get a positive impression of the ads,” Queens University political science professor, Jonathan Rose said. “Whether that means they convey accurate information is another story.”


A government commissioned survey done post-campaign showed only two per cent of the 292 people polled who saw or heard the ad also caught the disclaimer that the program didn’t yet exist. It also found only 18 per cent of viewers understood tax dollars paid for the advertising.


Ads ruled misleading


After receiving numerous viewer complaints, Advertising Standards Canada, the advertising industry’s self-regulating body, ruled the TV commercial was misleading because the job grant program hadn’t been approved.


“The commercial omitted relevant information,” ASC concluded in a report. The report didn’t name the government because the ad campaign was already over.

Economic Action Plan adsThe federal government has spent millions on advertisements about its economic programs. (Government of Canada)


The proposed job grants would give workers $15,000 each for training, with the provinces kicking in one-third of the cost. But provinces have yet to sign on, complaining the proposed program claws back $300 million in federal funds now used to help disadvantaged workers.


“We do not believe, the way the program is designed, that it will work,” Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne said at a premiers meeting last July.


Quebec threatened to opt out. There’s no word yet on when an agreement might be reached.

Asked to comment on the ad campaign, a spokesperson for Employment and Social Development Canada said, “The government of Canada’s top priorities are creating jobs, economic growth and long-term prosperity.”


Harper blasted Liberals over ads


In his first question as opposition leader, in 2002, Stephen Harper took the then Liberal government to task over their advertising spending and the emerging sponsorship scandal.


“Will the prime minister stop the waste and abuse right now and order a freeze of all discretionary government advertising?” he asked in the House of Commons on May 21, 2002.


During its peak, the Liberal government spent $111 million on advertising, in 2002-2003. Harper’s current Conservatives doled out $136.3 million in 2009-2010, their biggest advertising budget yet on record.

If you have more information about this story or any other tips, please email investigations@cbc.ca.


Inchoate Rage | Zero Hedge

Inchoate Rage | Zero Hedge.

Guest Post: The Eroding Premium On Truth And Trust | Zero Hedge

Guest Post: The Eroding Premium On Truth And Trust | Zero Hedge.

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