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Ellsberg: “I Am Grateful to Snowden for Having Given Us a Constitutional Crisis … a Crisis Instead of a Silent Coup” Washington’s Blog

Ellsberg: “I Am Grateful to Snowden for Having Given Us a Constitutional Crisis … a Crisis Instead of a Silent Coup” Washington’s Blog.

What Snowden Has Revealed … Is a Broken System of Our Constitution, And He’s Given Us the Opportunity To Get It Back

Daniel Ellsberg told Amy Goodman:

[Snowden] came to believe, as I did, having made those oaths initially and the promises of nondisclosure, which were not oaths, but they are contractual agreements not to do that, which he later violated, as I did—he made those in good faith, by everything known to me, and came to realize, I think, eventually, as he said, that a nondisclosure agreement in this case and the secrecy conflicted with his oath, so help me God, to defend and support the Constitution of the United States, and it was a supervening—a superseding authority there that it was his responsibility really to inform the public, because, as he said, he could see that no one else would do it.


Congress knew [that Clapper’s statements that the NSA doesn’t spy on the American people] hey were false, the people he was talking to, the dozen, even the man who had asked the question, Senator Wyden. What we saw, what Snowden saw and what we all saw, was that we couldn’t rely on the so-called Oversight Committee of Congress to reveal, even when they knew that they were being lied to, and that’s because they were bound by secrecy, NSA secrecy and their own rule. The secrecy system here, in other words, has totally corrupted the checks and balances on which our democracy depends.

And I think the—I am grateful to Snowden for having given us a constitutional crisis, a crisis instead of a silent coup, as after 9/11 an executive coup, or a creeping usurpation of authority. He has confronted us. He has revealed documents now that prove that the oversight process, both in the judiciary, in the FISC, the secret court, and the secret committees in Congress who keep their secrets from them, even when two of them, Wyden and Udall, felt that these were outrageous, were shocking, were probably unconstitutional, and yet did not feel that they could inform even their fellow colleagues or their staff of thisWhat Snowden has revealed, in other words, is a broken system of our Constitution, and he’s given us the opportunity to get it back, to retrieve our civil liberties, but more than that, to retrieve the separation of powers here on which our democracy depends.

Glenn Greenwald and Sibel Edmonds: Two Whistleblowing Heroes Washington’s Blog

Glenn Greenwald and Sibel Edmonds: Two Whistleblowing Heroes Washington’s Blog.

Greenwald and Edmonds Have Both Done Tremendous Good

Glenn Greenwald and Sibel Edmonds are both heroes.

Greenwald has not only published the Snowden leaks, but has railed against torture, drone warfare, government secrecy and many other forms of government corruption and abuse for many years.

Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds was very well known after 9/11 for her allegations about corruption in U.S. intelligence agencies.

Edmonds was been deemed credible by:

The ACLU described Edmonds as:

The most gagged person in the history of the United States of America.

As such, Edmonds knows what it’s like to be a whistleblower.

And famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg – who is a hero to Greenwald and Snowden – says that Edmonds possesses information “far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers”.

Additionally, Edmonds broke the story this summer that a former NSA whistleblower says the government is using the information obtained by spying to blackmail people … including government officials. Edmonds’ reporting led PBS and other media to interview the whistleblower.

Greenwald has recently become much better-known that Edmonds:

But that doesn’t mean that she should be brushed off as unimportant.

The Main Difference Between Greenwald and Edmonds

Greenwald and Edmonds have butted heads concerning allegations that Greenwald’s new employer – EBay founder Pierre Omidyar – has cooperated with the NSA and is suppressing Snowden documents.   (We have no idea whether or not the allegations are true,  because we have not talked to any sources who would know.)

But we believe that a more important difference between Greenwald and Edmonds has to do with their interest in false flag terrorism.

Specifically, governments from around the world have ADMITTED that they carry out false flag terror… terrorist acts which they falsely blame on their enemies in order to justify.

Edmonds frequently writes on the topic … but Greenwald has never written a single word on it.

Given that the NSA spied on the 9/11 hijackers and Americans BEFORE 9/11, and that one of the NSA’s main justifications for spying – the lone wolf terrorist – is a myth, Greenwald should be naturally-curious about this topic.

And given that the NSA has carried out offensive attacks which were intentionally made to look like mere equipment malfunction,  Greenwald should be interested in this area.

And given that it is well-documented that false flag terror has routinely been used by governments around the world (Christian, Muslim, Jewish and otherwise) to consolidate control and justify wars – two topics that Greenwald repeatedly addresses – it seems like false flags should be an area of interest for Greenwald.

The bottom line is that Greenwald has done a tremendous amount of good for many years writing about spying, secrecy, torture and war.

His blind spot appears to be false flag terror…


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