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Ron Paul Launches Clemency Petition For Edward Snowden | Zero Hedge

Ron Paul Launches Clemency Petition For Edward Snowden | Zero Hedge.

Former Congressman Ron Paul has launched a petition to attempt to garner clemency for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The “Demand Clemency for Edward Snowden” petition includes the clip below, Paul calls on supporters to sign the petition in an attempt to bring Snowden home to the US safely before his temporary visa in Russia expires in July.

On the heels of his son Rand Paul’s lawsuit against the Obama nd the NSA seeking to stop its collection of phone metadata, Ron Paul states “Edward Snowden shocked the world when he exposed the NSA’s illegal and abusive spying program. Instead of applauding him for his bravery and patriotism, the U.S. government labels Snowden a traitor.”

By signing this petition, Paul notes on his Channel’s website, “you are telling the US government that Mr. Snowden deserves the right to come home without the fear of persecution or imprisonment.”


Ron Paul’s petition plea…


Click image below to link to Petition:

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