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The book, Olduvai, is available in a number of ways.
If you are thinking of ordering a paperback or hardcover version, please consider ordering through my publisher, Friesen Press.
Just click on the cover:

Paperback $12.99 Hardcover $22.99

Paperback $12.99
Hardcover $22.99

kindle ebook $2.86

ebookpie pdf $2.69

It is also, however, available at Amazon and through 25,000 other distributors online.





  1. Zev Paiss says:

    I finished book one last night and loved how it ended. As a long time supporter of community I completely agree that together we are stronger. The belief that we can survive the coming changes on our own is crazy and has never been true. I look forward to read the next volume as soon as it is ready (or before if I can be of any help).

  2. Zev Paiss says:

    You are very welcome. My background over the past 30 years has been sustainability and published my first near-future novel about a year ago. You can see it at my website http://www.fromhere-tothere.org. I have to admit I chose to describe a rough transition instead of collapse simply because I have two teenage daughters (just like you) and am doing whatever I can to create a world they can survive in. Also because I am an eternal optimist.

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