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ebook only $2.9 Paperback $12.99!!

ebook only $2.99
Paperback $12.99

Peak Oil News and Message Boards, Article, November 24, 2013 (Peak Oil responds: “The report of my death was an exaggeration.”)

Transition Voice Article, November 11, 2013 (Faith and trust in the system is collapsing)

Toronto Star Letter, November 6 (The many flaws of economists)
Stouffville SunTribune Letter, October 24 2013 (Why assume Stouffville will keep growing?)
Alumni Gazette Olduvai New Releases From Western Alumni Fall 2013
Toronto Star Letter, July 2013 (This is a recipe for economic disaster)
Stouffville Radio Interview May 2013 (Olduvai) (no longer on server)
Globe and Mail Letter, May 2013 (The west’s narrative)
Stouffville Sun-Tribune Guest Editorial, May 2013 (Our dependence on growth has us in an awkward spot)
Stouffville Sun-Tribune Article, April 2013 (Author hopes to outsell Cusack movie character)

Toronto Star Letter, December 2012 (Growth culture is problem)
Toronto Star Letter, October 2012 (Wages not unions’ main beef)
Toronto Star Letter, September 2012 (Return to a gold standard makes sense)
Toronto Star Letter, July 2012 (Start at the top to fix system)
Toronto Star Letter, June 2012 (Selective capitalism needs to end)
Toronto Star Letter, June 2012 (PM’s new military policy)
Resilience.org Article, April 2012 (Education in a post-carbon world)
Toronto Star Letter, April 2012 (U.S. serious about tax evasion)
Toronto Star Letter, January 2012 (This economic crisis is different)

Toronto Star Letter, October 2011 (A series to explain Greek crisis)
Newmarket Era Guest Editorial, October 2011 (Three issues that should dominate elections)
Toronto Star Letter, August 2011 (U.S. economy under fire)
Newmarket Era Letter, August 2011 (Growth only good for development industry)
Toronto Star Letter, April 2011 (Egypt’s moment)
Association for the Study of Peak Oil-ASPO Canada Article, March 2011 (What is the purpose of our education system?)

Stouffville Sun-Tribune Letter, September 2010 (Trees axed for pipeline just planted)

Toronto Star Letter, August 2009 (Debating the merits of system-wide testing)

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