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Climate Change and Human Extinction – A Personal Perspective  |  Peak Oil News and Message Boards

Climate Change and Human Extinction – A Personal Perspective  |  Peak Oil News and Message Boards.

“Just one source, methane from the arctic…leads us [by 2030] to…a temperature beyond which humans have never existed on the planet.” Guy McPherson, professor emeritus of University of Arizona in Environmental Studies, shares highlights from his compilation of recent reports on climate change effects. Their number and extent have grown exponentially since he began five years ago. In this interview, he shares his personal journey through despair and deep grief to recent acceptance. “I suspect we get to see the end of this movie… Nobody else in human history [has]… We get to see how humans act in the face of their own demise.” Episode 262. [guymcpherson.com] Watch Guy’s Climate Change presentation February 2014

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  1. sheilach2 says:

    Every time I bring up global warming on a blog, the deniers respond venomously that global warming is a libtard lie, or what about our record cold winters? They cannot comprehend that global warming is causing the jet stream to meander wildly from south up to the pole & back down into the middle states & the east coast bringing with it arctic chill & pushing rain clouds away from the west coast.

    They believe that “god” or “Jesus” will fix things, or it’s just the beginning of the “rapture”, such ignorant fools!

    I too have noticed that methane is leaking from the permafrost, from the continental shelf a greenhouse gas even more potent than CO2, but people don’t believe that humans have anything to do with climate change, that burning fossil fuels that took hundreds of millions of years to accumulate in 150 years will have no effect.

    I am so glad I had no children, who would want to watch this unfold knowing that they have no future, their dreams will end in heat stroke or starvation, our monuments alone may survive for a while before even they melt back into their elements & earth, once a living, green & blue world becomes just another hot lifeless rock like so many others in too close an orbit about their star.

    Homo sapiens? NO! Homo stupidieus!

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