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You Be the Judge: Huffington Post Censorship?

In attempting to challenge some thoughts from a reply to one of my comments on an article in the Huffington Post, I encountered immediate deletion. I didn’t even receive the standard ‘Due to the potentially sensitive nature of this article, your comment may take longer to appear publicly.’ Here is the thread:

The article I commented upon can be found here.

My original comment:
Orwell would be so proud of our Western ‘leaders’ who live in a world where the unelected ‘officials’ (but Western supported) are legal but a referendum of the people is not.

Reply from Cam D.:
The West isn’t the one with the 30,000 strong occupational force on the ground forcing the issue, “protecting citizenry” while at the same time not allowing in UN monitors. Have you seen the ballot of the so called referendum? There isn’t a choice to stay with the Ukraine. How is that not rigged?

My reply that is not making it past the HP moderators:
First, the Russian troops in the Crimea have been stationed there under treaty for some time. Second, supposed shots fired at the monitors could very easily have been false flag attacks (just as the chemical weapons Assad supposedly used in Syria but were in fact Saudi-supplied and used by the anti-Assad rebels). Third, are you parroting the corporate media take on the referendum question? It seems so. I trust none of them; East or West. However, our leaders are so blatantly hypocritical it’s embarrassing. Remember Iraq? Libya? etc.. The US was born and expanded through violence and occupation, and it continues to use the same approach for hegemonic control of the globe.

Problematic? I think so. After a career as an educator, I know that correcting misperceptions is perhaps one of the strongest teaching tools that can be used to help students learn, question, and think critically. Deletion of such information does nothing to further conversations or ‘enlightenment’.

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