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Peak Oil: A Peek At The Data – Peak Oil Matters

Peak Oil: A Peek At The Data – Peak Oil Matters.










An observation worth noting … and pondering, from Dr. Nafeez Ahmed (quoting Lieutenant Colonel Daniel L. Davis):

‘We put the event [Transatlantic Energy Security Dialogue conference] together because the prevailing idea that we have a bright future of increasing oil and gas production that can sustain our current way of life indefinitely is based on a selective appraisal of the data. We brought together experts from across the spectrum, and with a wide range of opinions, to have a comprehensive look at all the relevant data. When you only look at certain things, like the very real resurgence of US oil and gas production, the picture looks fine. But when you dig deeper into the data, it becomes clear that this is only part of the picture. And the big picture proves that our current course cannot continue without significant risks.’

Who knew?

Just when you think we’re up to our eyeballs in vast abundance of energy independence (or something like that), some other big-shot full of evidence and facts has to do a quick script edit, and we go from the deny-everything-about-peak-oil crowd’s “Nothing to Worry About, Just Trust Us” fairy tale to the sobering, chock full of reality “Here Are Some Facts, Trust Them First”  story.

So close….

Who woulda thunk that ignoring the higher expenses, greater technological needs, diminished energy efficiencies, greater energy inputs, rapid depletion rates, environmental and health considerations—among other items—was something that could not and should not continue indefinitely? All this Happy Talk, and now it seems that we actually have to pay attention to facts and evidence.

What a huge disappointment. It continues to amaze me how different a story can turn out when results depend on the facts rather than scrubbed, fanciful versions.

It almost makes one wonder what is gained—and lost—when those who know choose not to tell those who don’t.
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