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Have I reached my personal limit?

Just a quick post this morning with some thoughts on the latest geopolitical mess in Europe over the Ukraine. The following is my online comment to a HuffPost article:

It’s interesting how many people have taken the role of the judge, jury, and executioner so soon into this latest geopolitical crisis. It is impossible for any of us to truly understand all the complexities involved. It is also impossible, except in hindsight usually, to develop a reasonable and balanced perspective on events. We have our own leaders involved in creating and selling a narrative that supports their actions. We know they have lied to us about many things in the past, so why would anyone trust them now? The West is so blatantly hypocritical it is embarassing. How quickly we forget the recent invasions of Libya or Iraq. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am tired of the elite (all sides) using the planet’s depleting resources and ‘wealth’ (that is always confiscated from the masses in one way or another) to fight their wars. Not to mention the fact that it is always the children of the general public (very rarely, if ever, the elite’s children) that are sent off to fight these wars. A pox on all their houses!

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  1. It’s like everything.
    If people had just left things alone (and by people I mean the EU and US):-

    1. The Ukraine would be chugging along nicely if not a bit unhappy BUT that’s life,
    2. The Russians would be happy,
    3. The EU would have been unhappy (no change there),
    4. Nobody would have died.

    Personally I blame educating the masses, the Internet, the media, money, and politicians.
    So I’ve got this really radical idea. Do away with all five.

    1. Education. Then people wouldn’t know better. Ignorance is bliss!
    2. Internet. Thus everyone wouldn’t know what was going on.
    3.The media. The sh’t stirrers, trouble makers, and rabble rousers.
    4. Money. Yep the root of all evil and in this case the cause of the whole sorry mess!
    5. Politicians. Apart from the politicians, does anyone think these maggots shouldn’t be done away with?

    There, world peace restored, Simple!

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