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Home » Europe » John Kerry To Explain How Ukraine Is Fixed – Live Feed | Zero Hedge

John Kerry To Explain How Ukraine Is Fixed – Live Feed | Zero Hedge

John Kerry To Explain How Ukraine Is Fixed – Live Feed | Zero Hedge.

Having “condemned Russia’s incredible act of aggression” which markets now appear to have forgotten about, we wonder just what Secretary of State John Kerry will have to say in this speech. Markets appear to think it’s all over and east and west Ukraine can all sing Kumbayah with Putin leading the melody but other leaders continue to call for “crushing” sanctions against Europe’s largest gas supplier. We are sure Kerry will clear it all up and explain where the line that was not crossed is… and for goodness’ sake don’t mention the Russian boots on the ground in Crimea.

Group hug?

Mission Accomplished? Stocks at all time highs…

One wonders just what Victoria “Fuck The EU” Nuland whispered to Tymoshenko…

Live Feed (embed) via NBC (if embed not working click here)

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  1. My comments:
    1) (While listening) …this is something we don’t want to do. This is something Russia is forcing us to do…” Christ, I just spit all over my computer screen when I burst out laughing.
    2) (After he was done) Such blatant propaganda and hyprocrisy. I don’t understand how ANYONE could buy the bullshit he was selling…

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