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Contribute (content) to the site

No, this is not about contributing money. It is about contributing content in the form of a website suggestion or post. I am not involved in this ‘journey’ to make money; although it would be nice to sell enough copies of my book to fund its publication and the website, but that is not my main motivation. I tell myself that the main motivation is to share information so we can better understand just what the hell is going on in this world.

Whether you ‘believe’ the information that is shared is entirely up to you. I make no claim as to sharing the ‘truth’. I firmly believe that the narrative we believe is based on many things, not least of which is how it aligns with our personal preconceptions, observations, and biases. Thus, the category term ‘Cognitive Bias’.

That being said, I open the floor to others to contribute to this site. No, there will no be remuneration in the monetary sense.

If you are connected to the suggested link somehow, I would simply ask that you include a link to my site as well.

I alone am the arbiter of what content the site contains (see this). I will judge based on how it ‘aligns’ with the topics/issues/perspectives of the site as a whole, but I will try to hold my own prejudices in check during such decisions.

To suggest a site or offer a ‘post’ for my new ‘Cognitive Bias’ section (to which I’ll be moving my previous ‘Musings’ posts), please email olduvai at rogers dot com.

March 1, 2014

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