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Meanwhile, On The Main Square In Sevastopol: Live Webcast | Zero Hedge


Meanwhile, On The Main Square In Sevastopol: Live Webcast | Zero Hedge.

… The Russians are staking out their claim, after those ships which we wrote about yesterday and docked overnight at the main Crimean port, have unloaded their cargo.

#Ukraine, apparently not tanks but APC (armored personnel carrier) on the central square in #Sevastopol #Crimea pic.twitter.com/yOxWSSOeJ3

— Paolo Alfieri (@Paolo_Alfieri) February 25, 2014

Russian Navy armored vehicle in the main square of #Sevastopol #Ukraine pic.twitter.com/kpkfSNZAjj

— Pedrodon (@stopnarcotics) February 25, 2014

Then, there’s this from the Guardian:

Sevastopol installs pro-Russian mayor as separatism fears grow


Moscow shows its influence in Crimean city amid fears the whole peninsula could seek deeper ties with Russia


Authorities in the southern Ukrainian city of Sevastopol have installed a pro-Russian mayor as fears grow that the Kremlin may be stoking separatist sentiment in the region.


Sevastopol’s city council handed power to Aleksei Chaliy, a Russian citizen, during an extraordinary session on Monday evening while more than a thousand protesters gathered around city hall chanting “Russia, Russia, Russia,” and “A Russian mayor for a Russian city.”


Fears are spreading that separatists in Sevastopol, and the Crimean region of which it is a part, could use the power vacuum in Ukraine to seize greater autonomy and deepen ties with Russia.


It was not immediately clear whether local security forces would back Chaliy, but earlier in the day Sevastopol police chief Alexander Goncharov said that his officers would refuse to carry out “criminal orders” issued by Kiev.


At least four checkpoints manned by armed police were in place on major roads into the city to stop the arrival of extremists, according to local media reports.


Ukraine’s interim president, Olexander Turchynov, warned on Tuesday that the country faced a “serious threat” from separatism.

And elsewhere, the following poster can be found:

Sevastopol issues this poster today, as Nazi symbols spread around Ukraine – #Euromaidan #Ukraine pic.twitter.com/lu53sZETzM

— GrahamWPhillips (@BritinUkraine) February 25, 2014

And s this:

UKRAINE SEVASTOPOL – Russian deputy says Yanukovych is a legitimate president, pro-Russia protest. COMING SOON 1630gmt/No.932958

— AP Video Alert (@AP_VideoAlert) February 25, 2014



Live webcast:


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