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2014 Worldwide Wave of Action: Activist advises what YOU should do (3 of ?) Washington’s Blog

2014 Worldwide Wave of Action: Activist advises what YOU should do (3 of ?) Washington’s Blog.

As a political activist since 1977 (details here), here’s my “Top 3 list” of advice for what YOU should do during the 2014 Worldwide Wave of Action that begins ~April 4 on the anniversary of Martin King’s assassination by the US government (civil court trial verdict), and completing ~July 4.

1. Know your purpose has 95%+ agreement when people have the facts: There’s abundant power when you recognize people want what you know, whether they recognize it or not in a current state of relative ignorance. That is, if free choice were available under full knowledge, 95%+ of humanity would choose to have the purposes of the 2014 Worldwide Wave accomplished:

I mean, the alternative is the ongoing conditions we have that even most of our oligarchs wouldn’t choose to continue, if they had full freedom of choice!

2. Do what is natural and virtuous for your self-expression: Given a position of power that you have an outcome people really want, AND given a condition that people may not recognize easily the attractiveness of what we offer, experiment with your most virtuous self-expression to play this game.Your unique, powerful, and beautiful sense of virtue is attractive when expressed, and the best you have to offer. Connected with my next point, my own sense of virtue is to be of simple service and fun with others. I only offer information when a genuine opening occurs consistent with someone’s expressed interests. My friend, Bucky Fuller, called this particular indirect outcome precession (andhere), similar to the contribution honey bees make with pollination as a side-product of their interest in honey. The outcome is ever-increasing experience and expression of virtue.

3. Relax and have fun ‘cuz we’re guests on Earth, not management: For the first part of my activist career, I operated to save human lives from poverty as quickly as possible. The hard truth is that I am insufficiently powerful to produce that outcome on my own; I am only able to offer this outcome (or any other) in networks for various groups’ consideration. Given my gradual acceptance of an apparent status as a human guest on Earth outside of direct managerial decisions, I’ve looked at different perspectives to be effective and enjoy this experience. From having “played” as hard and fast as I could for years, I’ve surrendered to Bucky’s conclusion/observation of precession.

So what does this mean for YOU and possible actions for the 2014 Worldwide Wave of Action?

If a pathway hasn’t opened to your interests so far, and you’re interested, look from the power of purpose, what’s natural to your sense of virtue, and what seems fun. Having a chat with like-minded friends should also open valuable ideas :)

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