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Two Dead As Venezuela’s Anti-Goverment Protests Turn Bloody – Live Feed | Zero Hedge

Two Dead As Venezuela’s Anti-Goverment Protests Turn Bloody – Live Feed | Zero Hedge.

It appears it’s not enough to have a record year on your stock market? Economic hardship, socialism, starvation, and not enough toilet paper have apparently led to the bloodiest riots in Caracas in years. As AP reports, at least 2 people were killed as large anti-Maduro protests engulfed the nation’s capital.

The logo of the anti-Maduro protestors…

La querida #Venezuela q cobijó a tantos exiliados chilenos, hoy es ignorada! ???? #NoMasMaduro #12FDespiertaVenezuela pic.twitter.com/fb3GdUWWPc

— I v o !? (@Ivobreque) February 12, 2014

And direct from Maduro’s Twitter account showing the world that all is well…

RT @tmaniglia: 12 FEB Youth Day: The worker president on the street with the youngsters #JuventudCombatePorLaPatria http://t.co/tH1BvMDZxN

— Nicolás Maduro (@maduro_en) February 12, 2014

Live Feed:

Via AP,

Gunfire erupted in downtown Caracas when armed members of a pro-government vigilante group arrived on motorcycles and began firing at more than 100 anti-Maduro student protesters clashing with security forces. As the crowd fled in panic, one demonstrator fell to the ground with a bullet wound in his head.

Also killed was the leader of a pro-government 23rd of January collective, as militant supporters of Venezuela’s socialist administration call themselves. National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello said the “revolutionary” known by his nickname Juancho was “vilely assassinated by the fascists” but he didn’t provide details.

While anti-government demonstrators vented frustration over issues ranging from rampant crime to mounting economic hardships, they were united in their resolve to force Maduro out of office by constitutional means.

All of these problems — shortages, inflation, insecurity, the lack of opportunities — have a single culprit: the government,”  Leopoldo Lopez, a Harvard University-trained former mayor, told a crowd of about 10,000 people gathered at Plaza Venezuela in Caracas.

Images of the Deadly day…

Ahora mismo esto es chacao #12FVenezuelaPaLaCalle pic.twitter.com/PYeE6H4LOf

— Selene ingrid (@belleselene) February 12, 2014

@Peru21pe#Venezuela: Jornada violenta en marcha contra el #chavismo http://t.co/3inFptQ2lW pic.twitter.com/kcfK27t2Zi” Pobre Venezuela.

— Manuel Vidalón (@iosoimanuel) February 12, 2014

pic.twitter.com/MAwpkHqjUJ @CNNEE #Venezuela #12F

— Genesis Veronica R (@genicaRive) February 12, 2014

#Venezuela: ho l’impressione che sia in atto una vera e propria rivolta contro il governo pic.twitter.com/GWo0cFNzMu

— Francesco Guttuso (@FraGuttuso) February 12, 2014

Maduro Asesino! Imágenes Hace minutos en el centro de caracas #360ucv #12F pic.twitter.com/NoFe1x7EfZ #venezuela Fuera #cuba

— YA CUBA TWITEA (@YACUBATWITEA) February 12, 2014

#SOS Represion en #Venezuela #Urgente que esta foto le de la vuelta a mundo #12FVenezuelaPaLaCalle #Cuba pic.twitter.com/CJIVD1V0Ac

— Alfredo d Jesus Viso (@AlfredoViso01) February 12, 2014

Aumenta violencia en protestas en #Venezuela. Fiscalía ya confirma dos fallecidos pic.twitter.com/5DNvOpGBKb

— Diario El Mundo (@Diario_ElMundo) February 12, 2014

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