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Activist Post: Florida Police Have a New Toy: A U.S. Military Surplus Battle Wagon

Activist Post: Florida Police Have a New Toy: A U.S. Military Surplus Battle Wagon.

“If you see my SWAT team roll up in this, it’s over, so just give up” 

Lily Dane
Activist Post

A Florida police department has a new toy – a U.S. military surplus battle wagon.

The six wheel, 30-ton armored Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle (or MRAP) is in “lightly used condition” and only has 5,000 miles on it. It is worth $700,000, but the department got it for $2,000. What a deal!

Fort Pierce Police Chief Sean Baldwin told WPTV that he hopes the vehicle remains parked:

Hopefully, we’ll never need the MRAP, but knowing that it is ready to roll is comforting.

Fort Pierce Police posted an ominous warning to citizens on their Facebook page:

Chief Baldwin has some advice for anyone that may find themselves facing the MRAP on the wrong side of the law. ‘If you see my SWAT team roll up in this thing… it’s over, so just give up.’

Yes, how comforting.


Guess how the department got the vehicle?

Officer Keith Holmes got it through the generosity of the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the military to transfer excess military vehicles to law enforcement agencies (among all of theother wonderful things the NDAA allows the government to do).

Over $4.2 billion worth of property has been transferred to law enforcement since the program began, in the ongoing effort to militarize US police.

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office helped get the vehicle painted for free, so the sides say “Police” and “Fort Pierce.”


  1. I love the comments some LEO bosses make.
    ‘If you see my SWAT team roll up in this thing… it’s over, so just give up.’
    Flash news big boy, you’ve got to get out the vehicle at some time.
    Once out of your tin can you’ve got the same chances as them you go up against.
    There again, you’ll probably be stood miles away urging your “boys” on over the radio.

    • It is very disconcerting to see local police units with such equipment. The conspiracy theorist in me has to agree with some of the critics who charge that the-powers-that-be are preparing for the masses to revolt when the SHTF. It is particularly alarming in the States where citizens are almost as well armed as the military, but of course that was the point of the 2nd Amendment of their Constitution, that the citizens should be well-armed in order to be able to rid themselves of a tyrannical government. When civil war breaks out there, it will be very, very messy.

      • It’s not the children at play with their new toys that would worry me. It’s all this the gun control thingy you are going through. From my incomplete, ill informed view, it looks like they are engineering a reaction.

        Some may feel backed into a corner where sthey have no choice but to fight and that is probably exactly what they want.

        After all what better way to bring in a total ban of firearms than on the back of mass “domestic terrorism”.

        The authorities can tell it anyway they like if guns start popping and the sheeple will believe them. Enough sheeple then vote for it and what then? Armageddon?

        Dangerous times might be coming my friend.
        Time to buy your tin hat.

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