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Don’t Feed the Libertarian Trolls – Rebutted!

Don’t Feed the Libertarian Trolls – Rebutted!.

The following video was produced by Stefan Molyneux

In the following video, Libertarian activist Stefan Molyneux thoroughly dismantles a leftist propaganda article attacking our movement, which has grown exponentially in the past several years.  I highly recommend watching his entire rebuttal, primarily because the leftist arguments presented are the most common out-of-hand dismissals of the Liberty Movement and Libertarianism today.

A decade ago, when I was a registered Democrat, I became utterly disgusted with the Alinsky-style debate tactics used by the leftists around me.  To me, the dishonesty and the distraction felt unnecessary.  Why couldn’t Democrats simply argue based on the core facts and truths inherent in the discussion?  Why did they need to put on such grandiose theatrics, veiling thin social insight with layer upon layer of pomp and pretension?  Isn’t that the kind of behavior they were always accusing conservatives of?

What I realized was that “neo-libs”, some of whom were my associates and friends, were just as afraid of a fair fight as the “neo-cons” they despised.  The two political orientations were far similar than anyone wanted to admit, and indeed, at the top of the pyramid Democrats and Republicans were essentially identical in their motivations and goals.  At the bottom of the pyramid where the common leftist resides, there is no examination of state power.  They aren’t concerned about the system itself, they are only concerned about the system ending up in the hands of conservatives.  They believe that only THEY have the wisdom and benevolence to utilize the government machine to its best purposes.  What they do not seem to have the reason or intelligence to grasp, however, is that you do not use the state, the state always uses YOU.  Perhaps if Democrats finally understood this they would stop supporting the evil and unconstitutional policies promoted by the Obama Administration; the same policies they used to protest back when Bush was in office.

My former party and its acolytes are drowning in a sea of their own hypocrisy.  Is it any wonder why I became a Libertarian?

Brandon Smith, Founder Of Alt-Market.com


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