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SPECIAL BRIEFING: Attacking Fracking’s Achilles Heel — Economics

SPECIAL BRIEFING: Attacking Fracking’s Achilles Heel — Economics.

We’re being told that – thanks to technological advances like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling – the US is undergoing an energy revolution, leading the US to become energy independent and huge economic benefits in communities where fracking is taking place.

The industry has used this hype over the so-called “shale revolution” to justify the massive spread of drilling, despite strong environmental concerns and community opposition.
But what if the industry’s promise of plenty is really their Achilles’ Heel? What if the “shale revolution” is really just a short-term bubble, leaving communities with little gain and a whole lot of pain.
Join us for a special online briefing and conversation with Richard Heinberg and Deborah Rogers to explore how the anti-fracking community can turn the fracking industry’s biggest weapon into their greatest vulnerability.
WHEN: Monday, December 16 from 8-9:30 pm EST (5-6:30 pm PST)
WHERE: Online, please use the following link to view the live presentation:  http://www.twitch.tv/postcarbon
Note: You will need to sign in using Facebook or create a new justin.tv account in order to view.  To create a new account go to:justin.tv/user/signup.
Participants will receive a special code to purchase Snake Oil: How Fracking False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future at 50% off.
Image credit: Fracking Texas (section) – amymyou/flickr. Creative Commons 2.0 license




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