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Journalism Criminalized: American Journalist In Jail Cell For More Than One Year

Journalism Criminalized: American Journalist In Jail Cell For More Than One Year. (FULL ARTICLE)

The following video was originally produced by RiseTV

American journalist, Barrett Brown, has contributed to numerous publications including The Guardian and Vanity Fair. He appears to be the latest victim of the Obama administration’s soulless crackdown on investigative reporting. Brown has received little broadcast media coverage since his imprisonment nearly 400 days ago, and faces more than one century in prison if convicted….


North Korea warns US over joint naval drill – Asia-Pacific – Al Jazeera English

North Korea warns US over joint naval drill – Asia-Pacific – Al Jazeera English. (FULL ARTICLE)

North Korea has warned the United States of a “horrible disaster” and put its troops on alert over a joint naval drill involving a nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier alongside South Korean and Japanese vessels.

The warning on Tuesday came after Seoul and Washington last week signed a new joint strategy to counter the growing threat of a North Korean nuclear attack after the communist country restarted an ageing plutonium reactor.

That accord also drew a sharp rebuke, with analysts attributing the isolated regime’s recent aggressive rhetoric to its desire to arouse the US’ attention and draw it back into long-stalled talks.

The naval drill in waters around the Korean peninsula had been scheduled to begin on Tuesday, but could be postponed or cancelled due to Typhoon Danas making its way towards the area.

North Korea has habitually condemned naval drills there and has issued threats of counter-attacks that have rarely materialised.

‘Imperialist aggression’

The North Korean troops have been ordered to “keep themselves fully ready to promptly launch operations any time”, a spokesman for the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army said, in a statement carried by the state-run Korean Central News Agency….


Canada Busted in Industrial Espionage Targeting Brazil | Washington’s Blog

Canada Busted in Industrial Espionage Targeting Brazil | Washington’s Blog. (FULL ARTICLE)

The “Five Eyes” Spy On Economic Rivals

It has long been clear that the NSA spying program is being used for industrial espionage, by spying onlarge foreign corporations, and the biggest financial payments systems such as VISA and Swift.  Indeed, in a slide leaked by Edward Snowden, “economic” was one of the main justifications for spying.

And it has long been known that the “Five Eyes” –  the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand – share their spying information amongst themselves.

So it should not come as a total surprise that other members of the Five Eyes – such as Canada – are also engaged in industrial espionage.

Specifically, documents leaked by Edward Snowden show that Canadian spies targeted Brazil’s Mines and Energy Ministry.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff rightly called it industrial espionage, and Brazilian foreign minister Luiz Alberto Figueiredo expressed:

The government’s repudiation of this serious and unacceptable violation of national sovereignty and the rights of people and companies…


US Runs Out Of Cash As Soon As October 22 Revised BPC Forecast Shows | Zero Hedge

US Runs Out Of Cash As Soon As October 22 Revised BPC Forecast Shows | Zero Hedge. (FULL ARTICLE)

The BPC, whose initial analysis of the US default has become the staple “go-to” analysis for Treasury cash obligations and key events in the days surrounding and following the X-Date, has released a new update on when the US runs out of money. The latest: October 22 – November 1. Which means that if it so desires, the GOP can and probably will delay a debt ceiling bargain until the last possible moment which may well be, appropriately enough, Halloween. In the meantime, the US Treasury now has about $40 billion in total cash on hand and available extraordinary measures and declining fast.

The latest complete note:

As BPC’s X Date Window Narrows, Economic Risks Grow

  • BPC’s Updated X Date Range: October 22 – November 1
  • Major Debt Rollovers: October 17 – $120 billion; October 24 – $93 billion
  • Major Payments Due During X-Date Range: $12 billion in Social Security benefits on October 23; $6 billion in interest on the public debt on October 31; over $55 billion in major payments on November 1
  • Likely Impact of Shutdown on X-Date Range: If resolved shortly – negligible; if prolonged – a couple days

Updated data on Treasury cash flows through the first week of October show that the range for the Bipartisan Policy Center’s (BPC) X Date – the date on which the United States will be unable to meet all of its financial obligations in full and on time – has narrowed to between October 22 and November 1. The updated range is consistent with BPC’s earlier estimate….


Hilarious Charts Of The Day: IMF’s “Growth Forecasts” Over Time | Zero Hedge

Hilarious Charts Of The Day: IMF's "Growth Forecasts" Over Time | Zero Hedge.

NSA’s Utah Spy Supercenter Crippled By Power Surges | Zero Hedge

NSA’s Utah Spy Supercenter Crippled By Power Surges | Zero Hedge.

Spy agency CSEC needs MPs’ oversight, ex-director says – Politics – CBC News

Spy agency CSEC needs MPs’ oversight, ex-director says – Politics – CBC News.(FULL ARTICLE)

In an exclusive interview with CBC News, the former head of Canada’s most secretive intelligence agency says there should be greater parliamentary scrutiny of the clandestine spy service.

Calls for more openness are certain to get louder in the wake of fresh allegations the agency spied on Brazil’s mining and energy ministry in search of corporate secrets.

John Adams, former chief of the Communications Security Establishment of Canada, says the secretive organization needs more parliamentary oversight. (CSEC)

In a rare interview, former spymaster John Adams told CBC News he thinks the government must do more “to make Canadians more knowledgeable about what the intelligence agencies are trying to do on their behalf.”

Adams recently retired after seven years as head of the Communications Security Establishment Canada, and he admits the agency has deliberately kept Canadians in the dark about its operations for decades…


Harper ‘Very Concerned’ By Reports Of Canada Spying On Brazil

Harper ‘Very Concerned’ By Reports Of Canada Spying On Brazil. (FULL ARTICLE)

BALI, Indonesia – Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he’s “very concerned” about reports that Canada’s top-secret electronic spy agency is doing industrial espionage in Brazil.

Harper said Canadian officials are “reaching out very proactively” to their counterparts in Brazil.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is accusing the Ottawa-based Communications Security Establishment Canada of mounting a sophisticated spy operation against her country’s ministry of mines and energy.

The claim is based on documents leaked to Brazilian media by Edward Snowden, a former contractor with the National Security Agency — the American counterpart of Canada’s CSE….


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