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“The collapse of our civilization is a real possibility…”

Keystone XL Stirs Montana Farmer’s Climate Change And Crop Concerns.


  1. Brent Fewell says:

    Steve, as someone who has studied and been involved in environmental matters, as a scientist, policy maker, and regulator, these are very important issues to me. While I’m one who appreciates the destructive impacts that humans have on the environment, I think the dooms-day apocalyptic . However, the term “collapse” is extremely broad, too amorphoous, and in my opinion does not accurately reflect the likely scenarios. I think the greatest risk to humans arise from population growth and, given the global connectivity, the potential for a mass pandemic. The environment is extremely resilient, if animals and humans live within certain constraints. While science and technology have helped to alleviate the limiting forces of carrying capacity (food, water, shelter), we may be pushing the outer limits. As I blog over at http://www.conservefewell.wordpress.com, this is an issue that transcends politics and geopolitical identify. I’m advocating for liberals and conservatives to work together for the good cause. I look forward to periodically visiting your blog.

  2. Brent Fewell says:

    ooops – “I think the dooms-day apocaylyptic environmental dialogue is overdone.”

  3. olduvainovel says:

    Brent, I quote Billy Joel, “You may be right, I may be crazy”…only time will tell. However, if one stands back, from a more distant perspective, and views a period of several hundred years of significant climactic changes because of a runaway greenhouse effect, one could still view it as a collapse, in geologic terms. It’s all relative, no? The future offers many possibilities. Today we look at a North Korean leader apparently wanting to deliver nuclear weapons to the shores of the United States. Or, is the western government, through the media, wanting us to believe this when the Koreans may be reacting to other provocations and being prodded for some nefarious reason?
    I look forward to sharing ideas.

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